Alison Brie: New Trailer For “The Little Hours”

Alison Brie is starring in the raunchiest nun movie titled, “The Little Hours“. Watch the trailer below, in theaters June 30th.

Adult Content Warning: This video may be inappropriate for some users.


Alexandra Daddario: “Baywatch” Star Talks About Bikini Confidence

ET recently talked to “Baywatch” star Alexandra Daddario about what it was like filming a movie where she’s basically in a bathing suit the entire time. Daddario revealed confidence is key.

#tbt blue steel-ing it up at the beginning of our shoot in Miami @therock Photo: @hhgarcia41

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“I turned 31 recently, and through my twenties, I learned that as a woman, being confident with how you look and how you feel is the most important thing.” “I think no matter what, there’s always something that you’re going to criticize about yourself. Confidence is attractive, and confidence is sexy.”

“Being in a bathing suit every day, you just had to be like, ‘OK. I’m going to put the work in and I’m doing this,'” she continued. “And yes, it sucks, I couldn’t eat a hamburger in the middle of the set, but you just sort of throw away how you feel about what you look like and just focus on the work, and that’s what I tried to do.”

The actress was pretty excited to grub out once filming finally wrapped. She’s been enjoying her favorite sweet treat — ice cream!

“I didn’t splurge while I was working, but I did get in the habit of having more ice cream every night than I normally had,” she shared. “I do have an ice cream habit that I sort of cut out for Baywatch and now I’m back on that.”

See Alexandra Daddario in “Baywatch” when it hits theaters May 25th.


Adrienne Wilkinson: Earth Day Tweet

Actress Adrienne Wilkinson also posted an Earth Day message on her official Twitter account, @Yo_AdrienneW.